Sparrowfeld Common

Tracing of the second ‘Plott’ of 1553

There are several 14th-century sheriff’s writs and other documents dealing with disputes over common rights in Sparrowfeld Common, particularly with tenants in neighbouring Cheam. Similar disputes flared up over the centuries, one case in 1553 leading to the drawing of the earliest maps of Morden and its surroundings, now in The National Archives (TNA MPB 1/25/1-2). Tracings of these maps, called ‘plotts’, have been made by MHS member John Pile, and these tracings can be downloaded here:

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Two other sheriff’s writs are also preserved among the Westminster Abbey muniments, one relating to a break-in in Sutton, and another to outstanding debts:-

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The initial transcriptions and translations by Dominic Alexander and Peter Hopkins have all been checked and corrected by Dr Mark Page.


Writs: comparison with 17th-century transcripts