Praise for MHS Project


It was very pleasing to see that the February 2012 issue of the BBC’s genealogy magazine Who Do You Think You Are? devoted its ‘Your Projects’ page to the monumental Morden enterprise undertaken by Peter Hopkins.

He has been putting Morden’s medieval records onto the Merton Historical Society website, together with an English translation (from the Latin), explanatory commentary and referencing.

The surviving records are held in a number of different collections, and the staff of all of them have been helpful and generous with their time (and have not charged for reproduction). Other researchers too have shared their knowledge and skills, but it is Peter who has carried through this ambitious venture.

Alan Crosby, the author of the article, comments, ‘It’s outstanding scholarship, and I suspect it’s unique in this country – I know of no other society that has achieved such a project’.

Judith Goodman in MHS Bulletin 181 (March 2012)