During the 1960s and 1970s the Society was involved in archaeological investigations on the following local sites threatened by development. Most of the excavations were reported in our quarterly Bulletin, or in Surrey Archaeological Society’s Bulletin, and are considered in more depth in the relevant volume of Mitcham Histories, as listed on the right. The Short Batsworth excavation has now been published, but no other formal reports have been published.

Above: Fragment of a medieval pitcher and the skull of a horned sheep, from excavations conducted in 1970 to the rear of P Gutteridge and Sons’ former shop.

The finds are all boxed, labelled and partially indexed and, together with site notes and photographs, have been deposited at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre, 46 Eagle Wharf Road, London, N1 7ED.

Left: Mid-18th-century pottery from the excavations at the rear of P Gutteridge and Sons’ premises in 1970.
Grid ref Date Location Finds Mit Hist
TQ 2673 6918 1966-1968 Short Batsworth, Church Road, Mitcham Romano-British 8
TQ 2732 6859 1968, 1970 Hall Place, Mitcham Saxo-Norman 5, 12
TQ 2780 6898 1969 Gutteridge’s shop, Upper Green East Med./18th cent. 7
TQ 2772 6895 1971 Durham House, Upper Green West 18th cent. 7
TQ 2618 6815 1972 The Grange, Central Road, Morden 19th cent. 10
TQ 2748 6851 1972 346/8 London Road, Mitcham Mainly 18th cent. 5
TQ 2665 6804 1973 Ravensbury Manor House, Ravensbury Park Med./18th cent. 10