Talks and visits

PROGRAMME 2021-2022

Talks at St James’s church hall restart in October! Please come along.

The conditions laid down for our use of the hall are necessarily under continual review, but are at present: those who come to a talk are asked to:

♦ use hand sanitiser at the entrance;

♦ to wear a face covering;

♦ to provide contact details (only for visitors – members’ details are already with the Society);

♦ to observe social distancing. Seats will be spaced well apart from each other, and windows will be open.

At the first meeting there will be no refreshments, simply so that we can concentrate on getting the other requirements right, but, later on, cheering cups of tea will be provided.

Our programme is as follows:

Saturday 9 October 2.30pm St James’s Church Hall, Merton ‘Textile Connections – Linen, Liberty
and Beyond’ An illustrated talk by textile specialist Fiona McKelvie

Saturday 13 November 2.30pm St James’s Church Hall, Merton Annual General Meeting,
followed by short talks by members

Saturday 11 December 2.30pm St James’s Church Hall, Merton ‘Anthony Sadler and the goings-
on in Mitcham Parish’ An illustrated talk by local historian Dr Edward Legon

Saturday 8 January 2.30pm St James’s Church Hall, Merton ‘William Morris and his Workers at
Merton Abbey’ An illustrated talk by local MOLA archaeologist Dave Saxby

Download our Programme

Visitors are welcome to attend our talks. Entry £2.

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