Talks and visits

PROGRAMME 2020-2021

Meetings and visits organised by the Society are suspended until further notice.

Meanwhile, we will be displaying a LINK OF THE MONTH to a virtual exhibition or talk.

Weather and Covid restrictions permitting, why not explore some of Sarah Gould’s guided heritage trails. Download the free app to your mobile phone and walk the trails or watch from the comfort of home –
You can generate your own local tree trails at which will identify the public trees along your selected route, some of which are less common than you might expect.

BUT if the weather is not such as to tempt you outdoors
here are a couple of options to be enjoyed from the comfort of your computer screen:

Britain’s Treasures From The Air – a British Countryside documentary on National Trust properties – one of many free online videos from the Timeline Channel.

Virtual Museum tours and exhibitions at (from a virtual recreation of The Lost Collection of Charles I at Whitehall Palace to the Saatchi Gallery Tutankhamun exhibition 2020)

And always we hope that you will enjoy the contents of our own website.


It is a little late for a New Year message, but let me offer you my best wishes for 2021, in the hope that you are all in good health, and as active in mind and body as the present and so far unending restrictions on social activity allow. I have twice supposed that we could set a date for an annual meeting, and twice been proved wrong by events – so you can see that I have never been a successful gambler. Our intended programme of events – talks, walks and visits – has to remain suspended, though we ought, you would think, be able to resume meetings in the autumn. There is plenty of history on the internet, for those who have access, but a lecture through a screen is not the same as a live talk, where speaker and audience can respond to each other and where we can meet other members of the Society. We have not felt able to offer online events; rather, we have directed visitors to our website to a featured presentation from another society or institution.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for your loyalty during so many peculiar months; after the renewal of subscriptions our membership numbers stand high, and I hope we can look forward to a renewed Society once public meetings are again permitted.

Keith Penny


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