Talks and visits

PROGRAMME 2020-2021

Meetings and visits organised by the Society are suspended until further notice.

Meanwhile, we will be displaying a LINK OF THE MONTH to a virtual exhibition or talk. To celebrate the launch of Medieval Morden: The Manorial Economy, this month we have a couple of short videos on The Luttrell Psalter with its wonderful illustrations of everyday life in the 14th century. The first is a brief overview, the second a re-enactment of some of the scenes of daily life on the manor.

And always we hope that you will enjoy the contents of our own website.


Since I wrote to you in October, we have had another lockdown, scheduled to end at the beginning of December. Nevertheless, we will aim to stay with the timetable set out in that letter, unless it proves impossible to do so. Meetings are scheduled to resume with our AGM on 10 April 2021, and a programme of visits for June-September 2021 will be produced, probably following the programme intended for earlier this year. Members will be kept informed through mail or email. I am encouraged by the high level of membership renewals and I am pleased to welcome some new members. Let me recommend again browsing in the pictures and articles on this website. Also look at our Publications List and pick one or more for Christmas! I send all of you my good wishes, and let us hope that, with the turning of the year, our fortunes will turn for the better.


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