The Historic River Wandle 3: Ravensbury to Mill Green

by P D Harris & E N Montague

This book is the third of a series portraying the history of the River Wandle in pictures, with a brief account facing each illustration. The sites depicted are:

  • Ravensbury Mills
  • Ravensbury Print Works
  • Ravensbury House
  • Harold F Bidder’s ‘Ravensbury Manor’
  • Mitcham Grove
  • Richard Glover’s Morden Snuff Mill
  • The wheel at Mitcham Fibre Mills
  • John S. Deed & Sons’ Eagle Leather Works
  • Watercress beds near The Willows, Willow Lane
  • The mill house, the Logwood Mills, Willow Lane
  • The ‘Fisheries Cottage’