The Historic River Wandle 2: Phipps Bridge to Morden Hall

by P D Harris & E N Montague

This book is the second of a series portraying the history of the River Wandle in pictures, with a brief account facing each illustration. The sites depicted are:

  • William Harland & Son Ltd, Phipps Bridge Road
  • Everett’s Place, Phipps Bridge Road
  • Wandle Villa, Phipps Bridge Road
  • The ‘Steam Washing Factory’, Phipps Bridge Road
  • Bunce’s Meadow, Morden Hall Park
  • Morden Hall, Morden Hall Road
  • The Snuff Mills, Morden Hall
  • Morden Cottage, Morden Hall
  • Morden Cottage, Morden Hall
  • Morden Lodge, Morden Hall Road
  • The Barn, Morden Hall Park