The Historic River Wandle 1: The Merton Section

by P D Harris

This book is the first of a series portraying the history of the River Wandle in pictures, with a brief account adjacent to each illustration. The sites depicted are:

  • Garratt Copper Mill, Copper Mill Lane, Wimbledon
  • Connolly’s Leather Works, Wandle Bank, Wimbledon
  • The Merton Copper Mills, Merton High Street
  • Merton Abbey Print Works, Merton Abbey
  • William Morris Works, Merton Abbey
  • The Gateway in the Wall, Merton Abbey
  • Bennett’s Calico Printing Mill, Merton Abbey
  • Liberty Print Works, Merton Abbey
  • Liberty’s: The Wheel House and Colour House, Merton Abbey
  • The Angler’s Bridge, Merton Abbey