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Digital Classics

Many classic County histories are now accessible in digital format from Google Books or Internet Archive. Although research has moved on over the centuries since they were published, they are still valuable resources. But do remember that not everything in them is accurate. For example, some statements about Morden in fact refer to Steeple Morden in Cambridgeshire, not Morden, Surrey.

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Medieval Morden: Landscape and Landholding

The second of three planned studies by Peter Hopkins into various aspects of medieval life as revealed through the surviving records, this volume seeks to reconstruct the changing topography of medieval Morden and investigates the various ways that property was held and transferred over the centuries..

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The Life of Guy of Merton

The first parallel edition and translation of the contemporary account of the life of Guy of Merton, one of the earliest canons of Merton and later founding prior of first Taunton and then Bodmin, together with an introductory essay.

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