C & J Greenwood Surrey Described (1823)

To accompany their map of Surrey, the Greenwoods published this ‘topographical dictionary’ of the County. However, they arranged the entries alphabetically by the name of each property, rather than grouping them together by parish.

Thus, in addition to a general entry for Merton, there are also separate entries for Cannon Hill, New Barns Farm (perhaps the farm known also as West Barnes Park), and the ancient West Barnes Farm itself.

For Mitcham, there are also entries for Baron House, Colliers Wood, Figgs Marsh and Figgs Marsh Farm, Fir Grove, Grove House (=Mitcham Grove), New Barn Farm, Raleigh House, Ravensbury House, Stocks Farm, Tamworth-Biggin, Tamworth Lodge, Wandle Grove, and White House.

For Morden there are separate entries for Morden Hall, Morden Park, Ravensbury Farm and Spital Farm.

There is also an entry for the Wandle.

To make the digitising process more manageable, the book has been digitised as searchable double spreads in ten sections:

Introductory matter
Properties beginning A-B
Properties beginning C
Properties beginning D-F
Properties beginning G-J
Properties beginning K-M
Properties beginning N-Q
Properties beginning R-S
Properties beginning T-Y
Index of owners and occupiers
The index is not in strict alphabetical order beyond each initial letter.