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Merton Priory monograph from MoLAS

Congratulations to Dave Saxby, Pat Miller and their colleagues for an excellent and very readable volume – well worth the long wait. The 296-page The Augustinian Priory of St Mary Merton: Excavations 1976-1990 is available from the Museum of London at £27.95 (ISBN 798-1-901992-70-0)

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The Records of Merton Priory

In his 1898 study of The Records of Merton Priory Major Alfred Heales collected, translated and arranged in chronological order every record that he could trace relating to the great Augustinian priory at Merton, Surrey. Most come from the priory’s cartulary, now at the British Library (BL Cotton MS Cleopatra C. vii), or from a collection in the Bodleian Library (Laud MSS 723), but many other sources have been used. He has provided transcriptions of many of these documents in an appendix.

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Tudor Rose

Our late President, Lionel Green, told us in the past about Rose Hickman, daughter of wealthy Tudor merchant William Lock, who wrote her memoirs in 1610, at the age of 85. Though based in London, the family held a number of properties in Merton, and Rose spent part of her childhood here to escape the plague. The main part of these memoirs were published in May 1982 in the Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, and Lionel summarised them in his series of articles on the Lock family in our own Bulletin between September 1996 and March 1998 (119, 121, 123, 123).

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