Bill Rudd Collection: Morden shops: London Road 2-86 (even numbers)

Bill took several photos over the years.

We begin with a sequence taken from 1970 to 1973

The standing buses and the canopy prevent the photographing of the shops fronting the station, though Bill managed two night shots (Belgravia Chocolates and W H Smith) in 1973, though they had both gone by 1975, when the Goad plan reveals them to have then been:

82: Multi-broadcast TV; 80: Automagic Heel Bar; 78a: Sketchley Dry Cleaners; 78: Gasson Opticians; 76: Munday Newsagents; 72: Finlay Tobacconists; 70: Morden Photographic; 68: Cresta Employment Agency; 66: Trustee Savings Bank

There are a few photographs from 1976 covering 28 to 14, one showing the whole range, the others focusing on more detailed views:

Another sequence from 1978 only covers the shops from 58 to 12, with just part of the Co-op shown:

From 1983 we have three photos covering 52 to 14, though omitting the Co-op:

But from 1995 and 1998 we have a more complete sequence, with a slide from 1990 covering the missing section by the station:

The other side of the road will be covered in a different post.